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In 2007, the founders came together with a belief that the world of banking and payments was going to change. While traveling to Asia they observed that millions of people transacted their commerce using cash; from the way they received their salaries, the way they paid their bills, and the way they sent money back home. Although they could not conduct any business digitally, almost everyone had a cell phone. Semkiw and Mendes came to understand that the mobile phone, and the micro-processors that were in the mobile device, were to become the bank branch of the future.


They went on to found Carta Worldwide, a company that offers digital transaction processing, specializing in mobile and prepaid transactions. They led Carta with numerous break-through achievements in the payments processing marketplace with such clients as: MasterCard, Vodafone, TransferWise, Sodexo, Nets, PayPal, and Apple. Carta was the first company in the world to process an ApplePay transaction, and first to enable cryptocurrency to be accepted at a MasterCard point of sale device.


After 10 years, and with Carta advancing successfully, they decided to extend their learnings gained from powering some of the world’s leading FinTech companies and build 3rdGP, the world's first third generation processing payments company with emphasis on Blockchain and IOT payments processing solutions. Their technology, IssacQ, is the world's first processing platform that integrates both issuing and acquiring processing.

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