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IssacQ: a proprietary payment network that supports dual modalities of open and closed loops


Multi-platform payment solution for iOS and Android mobile devices including telephones and tablets.


Facilitates unique merchant acquisition capabilities, redistributing the economics and shared revenue in typical payment card transactions.


Broad payment acceptance features power open and closed loop, intra-network (“on us”) transactions.


Integrable with Electronic Money Institution (EMI) payment card products and personalization bureaus for branded prepaid card solutions.


Web-based administrative portal simplifies transaction management for merchants, stores, and cardholders at the device level.


Comprehensive risk management module incorporates rules-based algorithms to identify differing payment behaviours, indicative of potentially fraudulent cardholder activity.


3RDGP transaction processing engine obviates need to share 16-digit cardholder PAN with merchants, maximizing transaction security and markedly mitigating fraud.


Combines multiple payment funding sources including bank accounts, PayPal, cryptocurrency wallets, mobile money, and third-party payment cards on Visa and MasterCard networks.


Device-to-device payments powered by Bluetooth, iBeacon, and QR code


Allows for secure cash top-ups in addition to payment card transactions.

3rd Generation Processing Innovation and Enrichment

Next-Generation Processing Features Define the New Processing Paradigm



Open API

Open exchange integrations

iOS / Android enabled

Customized authorization controls

Custom payment authorization

Custom design cards

Easy to use, build and configure controls

Blockchain enablement

Machine learning

Geolocation awareness

Personalized user experience

Rich user data

Ability to use multiple payment funding sources including: bank, PayPal, Crypto, and 3rd Party Payments (Visa/MasterCard)

Build-in fraud prevention rules and activity monitoring

Integration to leading encryption and security features for data protection

KYC compliance integrated platform



Real-time payment processing


Open system access to develop custom applications and integrations


Future-proof modernization of payment processes


Ability to add value-added services through leveraging data and BI


Adaptable strategy to meet new business needs


Better cash flow management


Fraud reduction


Ability to apply custom rules on controls


Increased client intimacy and B2C stickiness


Single platform for prepaid, loyalty, mobile, tokenized, etc. payments


Integration, transparency, and security of blockchain integration


Enablement of payment options, payment flexibility, and payment technology


Ability to eliminate traditional point of sale experience


Reduction in transaction time

reduction in third party transaction fees


Leveraging the IOT for business transformation

Challenger Banking and the New Global Financial Landscape

Facilitate challenger and neobanks through payments digitalization and by rendering transaction services increasingly accessible, further disrupting the retail banking distribution model.


Simplify real transaction processing flows with card and non-card based transaction flows.


API-driven integration into challengers’ ecosystems avails range of digital services including savings, checking, remittance, FX, and other products.


Core platform-agnostic technology to modernize banking infrastructure and reduce friction.


Enhanced digital KYC solutions embedded into account-opening flows to ease burden and costs of compliance.

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